My order is delayed. What could be the reason?

My order is delayed. What could be the reason?

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There are a few different reasons why an order might be delayed, depending on the stage it is in.

The most common reason

The most common reason for smaller delays in any stage is that our manufacturing partner has simply not updated the status of your order yet. That means that your order might have already started production, but since its status has not yet changed, it still appears to be waiting for production to start.

The start of production seems late

If your order takes longer than expected to start production, it could be that the printing engineer is still analyzing the part. This can happen with complex geometries or orders that were placed using the wrong technology or material. In this case, once we know where the issue lies, we will be sure to reach out to you with a solution.

In production for a bit longer

If your order takes longer than expected to finish production and to be shipped, the reason behind this could be that the printer experienced a failed print. This is completely normal in the world of 3D printing and it does not mean that this is the end of your project. It just means that the error must be found, fixed, and then the print can be restarted. Naturally, this causes a delay.

Extensive shipping time

If your order was shipped, but takes longer than expected to be delivered, then the explanation for this delay can only be given by the carrier service in charge of transporting and delivering your parcel. Usually, these delays are dependent on the current global situation, holidays in countries along the way, or resource shortages the carrier suffers temporarily. As the intended recipient of the parcel, they should provide you with all relevant information on its status, however, if you need help on that end, please feel free to reach out to us via email and we will be happy to help.

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