Printing figurines and other highly-detailed designs

Printing figurines and other highly-detailed designs

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Why some 3D printing methods might not be optimal for your design

If you are looking to print figurines or other highly-detailed designs, FDM might not be the best technology to choose. It uses materials like PLA and ABS, among others, and due to visible layer lines resulting from this method, it may not be suited to your design’s intricate detailing.

However, it is not impossible, but you may have to be willing to sacrifice some detail through using this process. Often if a design is more detailed than what the technology allows, your order will be cancelled after being placed. Should you be determined to print your order with a plastic printed using FDM technology, please make use of the note function (located in the top right corner of your cart page) and let us know there that your configuration of design and material was intentional.


Which 3D printing options might be better?

Other technologies such as SLA or SLS might be more suitable for your project, we would recommend looking into them as an option for production.

You can learn more about these technologies here:


Tip: Many people print their detailed designs by SLA if they are meant to be displayed and by SLS if they will be used or put under any kind of stress.

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