How to determine the orientation of my part

How to determine the orientation of my part

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How a "standard" orientation is determined

Our manufacturing partners will orient parts in their machines in the most efficient possible way if there is no other agreement or request made regarding orientation. They do that so they can offer the best possible price for your design. Since this is an individual approach, our system does not make assumptions on part orientation and only serves to ensure that parts fit the printer's dimensions. 

Requesting to change your orientation

However, the orientation of a print can strongly influence its mechanical properties, as well as the surface structure of some areas of your print. Therefore, if this is a crucial aspect of your design and you want to specify the orientation of your part to have greater control over this aspect, you can write a production note when placing your order (see the picture below). This way, you can pass on your request directly to our partner. Should there be any concerns, you will of course be informed via email.


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