Which file format should I use?

Which file format should I use?

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When ordering a 3D print, you will need a 3 dimensional file. However, these can come in various formats.

Primarily, the file format that is preferred by both ourselves and our partners is STL.

STL is the most common format used for printing 3D models and generally leads to the least amount of complications during the printing process. If your models are intricate or might be better suited for a production method other than 3D printing, a STEP file format could be a better option.

Other acceptable file formats are STP, OBJ, 3DS, and 3mf. Our service also accepts compressed zip files with multiple models. Please be aware that while the platform of Craftcloud accepts a wide variety of file formats, there may be complications that our manufacturing partners run into with some of those rarer types of format.

If you would like to print a multi-color model, the most effective way is to upload a colored STL file to our service and order using this file. If you do so, please leave a production note with your requirements. Our pre-viewer will display your model in gray, but do not worry, this is normal. Should there be any complications, we will reach out to you requesting an OBJ file of your design and its respective MTL file.

Please note that only a valid 3D file can be used for instant quotation and printing purposes. If you have a .jpeg, .png or a 2D drawing it can not be accepted.

In the event that you would like to provide the manufacturer a 2D drawing of your uploaded model in order to confirm the required dimensions and details, you can always send the drawing to us directly via email (support@craftcloud3d.com) and we can forward it to the manufacturer.

For further reading on the topic of 3D file formats, feel free to read the following article: https://all3dp.com/1/3d-printer-file-format/


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