How does Craftcloud work?

How does Craftcloud work?

Craftcloud Craftcloud

Who we are

Craftcloud is a manufacturing service focused on making your 3D printing projects as comfortable and affordable as possible. More specifically, we are a 3D printing and price comparison service that finds you the best prices and service providers for your needs.
Craftcloud is completely free of charge. The only fees you’ll see are the official prices provided by our manufacturing partners, which means you have nothing to lose by comparing them and trusting our support.

How we work

By using your location and project details we instantly compare prices using our global manufacturing network and their full range of technologies, materials, finishes, and lead times. As we constantly optimize our network to only work with manufacturers who can guarantee the highest-quality prints and services, you can trust our service to find the best provider and price for your needs.

With the following link, you can upload your 3D model and select materials based on your requirements:

Simply choose what suits you best!


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