Can I change my shipping address?

Can I change my shipping address?

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Occasionally, you can place an order with a shipping address that you did not intend to use. In the event of this happening, reach out to our team to inform us ( and we can change the current shipping address to the address you would prefer the order to be shipped to.

As orders can sometimes take only a few hours to be printed and shipped out, we kindly ask that you inform us of necessary changes as soon as you are aware they need to be made. This gives our team the chance to inform the manufacturer in a satisfactory time period to allow them to make necessary changes and ensure delivery to your newly requested shipping address.

Please note that this process is a manual step, which can potentially be restricted by legal working hours, available capacities and different time zones. Therefore, while we are always happy to assist you with such a request, we can not guarantee a successful address change until confirmed to you via email.

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