Food safety of 3D prints

Food safety of 3D prints

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Are 3D prints food safe?
This is a very common question amongst our customers, who are looking to print objects for their home or their hobby. As always, we are very happy to help all of you with your project, but in some cases, we would ask you for extra caution when it comes to the use case of your 3D prints.
Getting your project printed is something we will always be here for, however, some questions about the use case of your order do not always have the clear answer we all are looking for.
In general, it should be said that 3D prints are not to be brought in contact with food (or children, electricity, or heat). Even if the material itself is food safe, like some materials on our service are, the technology used can release toxic fumes. Also, most prints have a visible or noticeable texture on the surface, where bacteria can hide.
Can I order my design anyways?
Of course, you can! Your 3D prints are custom-made parts and while we have no way of knowing whether they will live up to the expectation your individual project requires, you are always welcome to have them printed on our marketplace.
In order to be safer on the side of food safety, you would have to have the prints certified by an external testing agency or cooperation.
If you have any questions about this or other concerns of yours, feel free to reach out!

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